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What Would Bubbe Say????

She’s always there with chopped liver and sound advice. No more worry- for the smallest or largest of challenges- the answers are here.

Fish Tales

Mindy’s Musings hasn’t got viral. Yet.

Infographic- Mindy’s Musings

Laughter Is Good Medicine – July 28, 2012


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A False Alarm

“Attention, attention. The fire alarm was inadvertently sounded, please return to your offices.” This is what I heard at 2:45pm on an otherwise quiet Wednesday afternoon at work, when the alarm did in fact go off. Okay, fair enough.

Welcome to the Mindy’s Musings Blog

Welcome to Mindy’s Musings- My daily escapades through the extraordinarily ordinary! Thanks for visiting. I hope this blog brings a smile to your face. Everything you read here is true.