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Happy Jewster, Y’all!

Easter Sunday is in two days. Families across the globe will don their Sunday best, gather together for church services, eat yummy food then go on the hunt for the coveted, colorful eggs full of fun treats.

I Am Me

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I found a box of old papers and notes (my mom saved everything) and had a wonderful time walking down memory lane. I was happy to see that grown up Mindy is very much like Mindy as a child.

Goy-Gle: The New Search Engine For Jews Everywhere!

Goo-gle: to search the Internet for information about (a person, topic, etc.) Goy-gle: to ask your resident Gentile for information about (a non-Jewish religion, custom or The New Testament.

Need Chanukah Help? There’s An App For That!!

Finally, there is a one stop shop to teach everyone interested in Jewish tradition all there is to know! Appy Holidays provides parents with a complete “toolkit” from songs through holiday recipes, to holiday key terms and thorough understanding.

Mindy’s Guide to the Eight Days of Chanukah Gift Giving- 2013 Edition!

Day One A 2012 favorite tops my list again this year. Eat bubelah, eat. You know they are going to work up an appetite from the anticipation of The Festival of Lights this year.

The Little Bar of Soap

Kevin was using a little bar of soap on Sunday to “make the windows work”, a project for which he offered no detail. I had provided the bar of soap from one of my travel stashes I collected from the hotel in California where I stay regularly.

August 17th Is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Who knew??? Tomorrow, August 17th, is Black Cat Appreciation Day! I found out from none other than Captain Feline who advocates for these fab, furry creatures.


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Prologue Faster than a speeding tennis ball across the lawn, more powerful than the hardest chew toy, able to leap tall hedges in a single bound. Meet Superzoey- Dog of Steel.

Mindy’s Musings Wins Honorable Mention in LuckyCinda Publishing 2013 Book Contest!

This great contest was held to help Indie authors (like me!) who are finding it a challenge to compete in today’s publishing world where thousands of new books are produced daily.