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Mindy’s 2015 Guide to the Eight Days of Chanukah!

It’s that time of the year again, folks!  I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath since last year for my annual roundup of the most fab gifts for your friends and family.  From bubbe to Bobby, I’ve got you covered!

Don’t be shy- if you like what you see, let me know!  If you don’t…well tough on you.  It’s my list and I’m standing by it!

Happy holidays y’all!


Day One

Back from the 2013 list is Traditions Jewish Gifts!  Back then we featured the fabulous nylon latke server for our Day Three pick.  Now there’s oh so much more!

Suffering from Menorah Madness?  Traditionsjewishgifts.Com, an extension to a family-owned store in Pompano Beach Florida, has the cure!  If you can’t grab a flight to the Sunshine State, visit this online store.  They have something for everyone.

It’s getting chilly outside. Keep your legs warm with these Hanukkah Dreidel Lhappy-hanukkah-leggings-dreidel-pants-2eggings.  Then come in from the cold for a nice cup hot chocolate in this hand painted ceramic “Mensch” mug.

Feeling uncertain about the future.  No worries here.  Order these yummy (and kosher) Hanukkah Fortune Cookies for some funny and witty premonitions and proverbs.

So visit them in Florida or online.  Seriously, you should.  Please.  No guilt if you don’t.  I’ll be ok.  Really.

Day Two

Ah yes, another repeat offender.  My friend and yours, the Mensch on a Bench.  moshe

I love the word, “Mensch.”  It’s fun to say and rhymes with drench stench, quench and a host of equally amusing words.   And by definition, you are a mensch.  Mensch literally means “human being.” The label is debatable for some folks but…

We in the tribe refer to someone as a mensch if they are kind, decent and reliable.  Someone who always seeks ways to help others.  It is the highest of compliments and I aspire to be one every day.  

Want to put more Funukkah in your Hanukkah?  Give yourself, or better yet, someone else, the Mensch on a Bench.  

Day Three

Around this time of year I use The “F” word.  A lot.  Oh, get your mind out of the potty.  Food.  I mean FOOD.  Here are some terrific ideas that are so good they will take the focus from gelt to ganache.

Lox and Latkes: Schmaltz Deli ( delivers it all. The total package. Literally.  They mail anywhere and the stuff is gooood.  I know, I’m a customer!SchmaltzLogoTop

Bubbe says you are too skinny.  Remedy that with this Festive Kosher Gift Tower from Harry & David.    This one’s filled with traditional breakfast treats with a gourmet twist. It brims with such favorites as English muffins and Belgian waffles, and biscuit mix. Clover honey and delicious preserves complete the basket. So eat bubelah, eat.  

Martfly, a newcomer to my list, offers a gelt-themed gift basked filled with all sorts of choclaty goodness.  Check out the Eight Days Of Hanukkah Gift Basket.  It’s so good you might just send it to yourself.  No that’s not too weird.  Well, maybe a little but worth the risk.

Day Four

I am just going to copy this from last year.  ModernTribe and Zazzle both rock.  Plus, I’m getting tired and I’m only on Day Four.

Oy, the schlepping I did to find this site. You MUST visit the ModernTribe Hanukkah shop ( (1)nukkah.)   They have everything you need and then some for this eight day gifting fest.  My favorite item for 2014 is this recycled bicycle chain menorah.  Created by Fair Trade cooperative artisans in Moradabad, everyone wins with this fab gift.

Another 2013 favorite gets honorable mention here on day five!  The Funny Jewish Gifts shop at tell us:

Roses are reddish

Violets are bluish

If it weren’t for Christmas

We’d all be Jewish

Are they right, or are they right?  So don a “Got Gelt” t-shirt or give bubbe a giant matzah throw cushion for her aching back.  Whatever you do, take a few minutes to visit Funny Jewish Gifts at

Day Five140819_hanukkah-gifts

I’m always looking for a deal.  C’mon, admit it, you are, too.  Well, I’ve found some great Hanukkah gifts at none other than!  Check out these 8 Great Hanukkah Gifts.  

Menorah’s, toys, gift baskets, books, electronics, family gifts and charitable donations are covered on this site.  So explore, choose and buy or give today!

8 Great Hanukkah Gifts | Overstock™

Day Six

Not that you’re competitive or anything but…  Are you one of those people who likes to give that truly unique gift? You know, that one of a kind something that only YOU could have found that will be the envy of all other Hanukkah gift givers across the globe?  

Looking no further. The Jewish Gift Place offers a collection of handmade Jewish gifts and jewelry by artists from around the world.  And they are really, really cool.hanukkah_gifts

You can start by checking out their collection of menorahs, then move on to custom dreidels and handcrafted jewelry.  

Happy shopping, peeps!

Day Seven

Kindness. Benevolence. Goodwill.   Something we can give to others during the holiday season and all year long.  And we should.

It’s free, from the heart, you can’t buy it in a store and everyone needs it.  It’s easy to say, “Next year, I will volunteer.”  Or, “Next year, I will donate my time to So look at your schedule and find a window where you can share this precious commodity with someone who needs it.   

Here is a great site where you can find a local organization that needs your help.  It takes some planning, but we can all pay it forward.  Without spending a dime.

If you don’t have time to donate, please DO find gifts that GIVE.    Here are some great websites for places that give back, help others and are sure to bring you some good karma!  Please check them out and consider choosing one of them and make a difference!

Gifts that Give:

Huffington Post: 10 Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Find your favorite charities here with a comprehensive list from A-Z:

Day Eight

I always end with the same gift.  Laughter.  Everyone can give this to someone.  I challenge you to bring at least one smile to the face of a family member, neighbor, coworker or stranger each and every day.   Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It’s free, has no bad side effects and is available to EVERYONE!laughter-clipart-royalty-free-laughing-clipart-illustration-1069890

Happy Holidays and keep smiling!




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