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Mindy’s Guide To Chanukah (and Christmukah) 2017!

Just when you thought nothing could trump 2016?  Surprise…2017 has been a political Pandora’s Box.  Honestly, it’s enough to make you plotz! We ALL deserve a breather, and I am here to help.

The Festival of Lights is almost upon us and you still have shopping to do.  In fact, you haven’t even started.  No problem!  I’ve gathered my annual list of fab finds for you.  So sit back, nosh on a bagel, relax bubelah.   And remember, worries go down better with soup than without.

It is my pleasure to present you Mindy’s 2017 Guide to Chanukah… and Christmukah!  Check out my annual “best-of” to find that perfect gift.

As always, I welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me at @mindylevy.



Day One

Welcome LipSense to its inaugural appearance on the Chanukah Guide.  This stuff is like buttah, I tell you.

LipSense Lipsenseis an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip colors found on the market today. It comes in a wide variety of shades and textures with over 50 shades that can be to mixed and matched to create a number of effects. This unique product is waterproof and does not smear off, rub off, or kiss off and can last anywhere from 4 to18 hours. LipSense is a non-wax, liquid lip color that stays on the skin and provides a natural, mechanical shield from the elements.

Seriously, this is luxury for your lips.  And there’s a shade for everyone, from Bubbe to your bestie.  Visit or to order or get more info!


Day Two

IrvingIrving is back!  Welcome Mensch on a Bench to its fourth appearance on the list.  We’ve never needed a mensch, a person of integrity and honor, more than we do now.  Irving, seen here, is the Levy family mensch.  We aspire to be as kind, decent and reliable as he is!

Everyone wants to put some Funukkah in Chanukah, right?  Well mensches are infused with Chanukah magic. They stay up all night long guarding the menorah and love to have their photos snapped. Embrace your inner mensch.  Order one today, and always inspire others with your immeasurable kindness.

Added bonus- Mensch is fun to say.  And it rhymes with a ton of other awesome words… drench, wench, stench, quench, French….  Go ahead, say ‘em.  You know you want to.  And now you will be trying to think of words that rhyme with mensch all day.  You’re welcome.

You can follow Mensch on a Bench on Facebook and Twitter.


Dfidgetay Three ­

Yes, It Is A FIDGET DREIDEL! The Latest Craze For Kids, Is Now A Hanukkah Dreidel Themed Fidget Spinner. Available In Three Different Colors; Each Fidget Spinner Comes Individually Boxed. Order 1 Or All 3 Colors For What Will Be The Most Popular Gift This Hanukkah. These Fidget Spinners Are Sure To Be A Hit With Kids And Adults Alike.

Traditions Jewish Gifts brings the goods again this year!  Folks, I LOVE this site.  It is an extension to a family-owned store in Pompano Beach Florida that started in 1991 with a humble 10 x 10 booth at the Festival Flea Market Mall.  You will not find a better variety or collection of Judaica gifts than this.

Check out last year’s pick, too.  It was so good we give it honorable mention this year!  These Challah Salt and Pepper Shakers will make your food taste better. Really.  . Now go visit our friends at Traditions Jewish Gifts in Florida or online.  Seriously, you should.  Please.  No guilt if you don’t.  I’ll be ok.  Really.

Day Four

Oy, I’m starving. All this candle lighting and gift finding…. I’m pooped.  Enter Schmaltz Deli.  Founded in 2004 in the Chicago suburbs, Schmaltz provides an authentic Jewish Deli experience for everyone.  Schmaltz online came in 2010 so the rest of us would not be left out.  Better late than never, I say.schmaltz

Craving Jewish Deli – dreaming of those steaming bowls of matzo ball soup, fresh baked bagels and maybe a heaping mound of pastrami on rye bread? They’ve got it all.  For Chanukah, I recommend one of their Gift Packages!  You’ll quash that craving AND avoid the stove.  A win-win. More time to bask in the light of the menorah when you order from Schmaltz® Delicatessen Online. So click here to order yours now!

Day Five

What’s the secret to a happy, stress-free Christmas?  Be Jewish!  Or… drink from glasses that can teach you cool Jewish words.Jewish-Words_1024x1024

These stemless wine glasses are the perfect holiday gift!  I can say from experience that you will LOVE them.  We received them last Chanukah and can’t put them down.

Premier Home & Gifts is all about GIVING and GIFTING. These folks offer unique gifts and home decor items of exceptional quality.  Amazing customer service is the icing on the Double-Deep-Chocolate-Chanukah-Layer-Cake!
Each features a different Jewish word and its pronunciation: Bubelah, Oy vey, Meshuga, and Verklempt.  You’ll smile with every sip…as long as you’re enjoying a nice Malbec and steer clear of the Manischevitz.

Oh- each wine glass has a capacity of 21 oz. and is dishwasher safe.  Blah Blah Blah…. Just order ‘em!

Don’t forget to check out Premier Home & Gifts on Twitter and Facebook.

Day Six

Modern Tribe says, “Get Ready For 8 Crazy Nights!”  They’ve made my list before… because they are awesome!  See what’s new for 2017 here.  Man it’s good to be part of the tribe.

Meantime, for those who celebrate Chrismukkah like we do, they have some really fun and unique gifts.  My top pick for 2017 is Yamaclaus – a Santa Claus-themed yarmukle!  It’s comfy and fashionable and will bring joy and laughter to any holiday celebration. Yamaclaus is the perfect Chrismukkah gift, Festivus cop out, or simply a stylish way to keep the crown of your head warm. One size fits all, so your pious pets will love them tomenoraho!Product_shot_NEW__12600.1415660912.1280.1280_590x

If you think donning Yamaclaus will cause a shanda (scandal), consider this adorable Jewdolph ornament. This unique Chrismukkah ornament blends Rudolph with menorah antlers. A perfect gift and addition to an interfaith home for the holidays.

Hand-crafted by fair-trade artisans in Chiang Mai, Thailand out of three different metals—nickel, copper, and brass.

Modern Tribe loves bringing modern design to Jewish lives, inventing new Jewish products, being active in the Jewish community, and eating as many bagels as humanly possible.  Visit their site for Chanukah and all your Jewish gift shopping!

Day Seven

Oh! Nuts_MG_90051

QUESTION: What has over 2000 items, bulk and wholesale prices on a whole lot of your favorite fruits, nuts and confections, a selection of gift baskets for any budget and occasions—AND provides one of the most impressively rated shopping experiences on the web?

ANSWER: (as in the place you’ll visit when you read this).

Oh! Nuts Hanukkah (Chanukah) Gift Baskets are packed with goodies that will delight your friends, family and even that hard to shop for someone (you know who you are!)  From boxes of chocolates and baskets of mixed nuts and dried fruits, to chocolate pretzels, cookies and more, pick a classic favorite or modern marvel.  Gift them or have them shipped directly. You will receive lots of compliments and thanks for these food-inspired gifts.

So go nuts for Oh Nuts.  Order now!

Day Eight

Tzedakah. Kindness. Benevolence. Goodwill. A smile. Something we can give to others during the holiday season and all year long.  And we should.

There are so many ways to give.  You can donate money in honor of your friends and family to their favorite charity. My best friend and I do this!  Have young kids?  Give them money to donate.  If they are old enough, donate your time together for a more hands-on family experience.

Kindness is free, from the heart, you can’t buy it in a store and everyone needs it.  Here is a great site where you can find a local organization that needs your help.  It takes some planning, but we can all pay it forward.  Without spending a dime.

I always end with the same gift.  Laughter.  Everyone can give this to someone.  I challenge you to bring at least one smile to the face of a family member, neighbor, coworker or stranger each and every day.   Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It’s free, has no bad side effects and is available to EVERYONE!

Get a copy of my book, Mindy’s Musings, free.  Tweet me at @mindylevy and I’ll be happy to send you a copy.  My little way of passing along that smile to you.

Happy Holidays- never stop smiling!





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