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Happy Jewster, Y’all!

JewsterEaster Sunday is in two days. Families across the globe will don their Sunday best, gather together for church services, eat yummy food then go on the hunt for the coveted, colorful eggs full of fun treats.

All of this excitement occurs smack in the middle of Passover, my clan’s most celebrated holiday of the year. Two Seders down already, we’ve broken the matzah, hidden and found the afikomen and eaten ourselves silly. We’re celebrating freedom like nobody’s business!


What are we going to do on Sunday? Sure, we’ve had a fun week. And we still have 3 more days of Passover to go. But what the hell are we going to do on Sunday? There won’t be a free reservation for brunch anywhere. Traffic will be blocked at all the church intersections. And surely there will be no good food left on supermarket shelves. What. Will. We. Do???

As I thought through my dilemma, it occurred to me that we don’t have to be left out. Jews do not need to stock up on bagels and lox on Saturday (they wouldn’t be fresh on Sunday morning anyway.) We don’t have to see cars line up in front of our neighbors’ homes for the big hunt and feel left out. And we don’t have to miss out on that big, floppy eared rabbit. We can celebrate, too!

Happy Jewster, friends. This new holiday is for Jews and non-Jews everywhere. What is is you ask? It’s simple- combine “Jewish” and “Easter” and you get “Jewster.” It makes total sense. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the flow chart below. After extensive research I am happy to confirm that Easter and Passover have more in common than fraternal twins.

passover flow chart

So this weekend, the Levy family, along with some Jewish and non-Jewish friends, will celebrate Jewster. I am making a brisket, latkes and noodle kugel. We will also partake in a Jewster egg hunt, consume Cadbury Cream Eggs and dress up nice. I CAN’T WAIT!

I will be sure to post pictures of the main event on Sunday. In the meantime, what are YOU doing to celebrate the holidays of Spring? I would love to hear from you, so feel free to post a comment or two.

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday surrounded by friends and family!


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lauren —

This is too funny and I am lucky to be included in your Sunday Jewster day!!!

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Pinky Poinker

I can’t wait for the photos! Of course I knew Passover was the same time as Easter but I had no idea it was so similar!
It’s Monday here today but I hope you’re having a lovely Jewster day. Too cute Mindy x

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